Have you seen the new updates with Instagram stories?

Have you updated your Instagram app recently? Have you had a look through all the new things you can do on your Instagram story? Below are some of the latest features to hit this social media platform:

1) Snapchat features have been copied by lots of the major social media apps and Instagram is one of the latest to launch a similar feature to snapchat, where you can add selfie filters! The eight “face filters,” as Instagram calls them let you add virtual koala ears, nerd glasses or a butterfly crown – which if you switch to forward facing camera, some of the filters apply themselves to our surroundings adding that little bit of ‘vavoom’ to your photos. We have a feeling that this feature will really take off for instagram-story-selfies!

2) Have you taken a photo on your story, written on the photo and then decided you don’t like how it’s written? Well Instagram have finally released something we have all been waiting for – an eraser tool! So now when you want to doodle on your image, by clicking on the pen you will know see a rubber icon allowing you to delete any of your unwanted masterpiece! You can create lots of different sorts of effects with this – colour your whole screen in a colour and use your eraser tool as a pen!

3) You can now record in rewind mode. Now this is something that will work so fantastically brilliant on moving objects – whether that be food, people or things!

4) You can now add live hashtag stickers to your instagram stories. This works just the same as added a location sticker or tagging someone in your image. You can start typing for the hashtag you wish to add and add it to your media. Once your story is live with the hashtag on it, you can then click on that and it will take you to all the photos that have been hashtagged with that hashtag (is there another word for hashtag?!)

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