8 must-dos when writing your sales copy

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8 must-dos when writing your sales copy

Whatever service or product you’re providing, your sales page copy needs to be on point to convert your website visitors into leads and paying customers.

It can be easy to get into bad habits when creating a sales page, replicating an existing page and changing a couple of words and images. Perhaps, your pages have been up a while and you’re wondering why they aren’t converting like you would want?

Have you actually considered you could be spending £thousands on marketing but sending traffic to a page that does not convert? Have you looked at your visitor numbers verses conversion?

No? OK, it’s time you did. And when you do here are 8 things you should be doing when writing your sales page copy.

8 must-dos when writing your sales copy

  1. Write a headline that attracts attention and solves a problem. Don’t just write what the product is called, ask yourself ‘what problem does my product solve for the customer?’ and include this in your title, e.g. ‘Enjoy more time doing what you love, while our automatic vacuum cleans for you!’
  2. Don’t just talk about features talk about benefits. It can be easy to list out what your product does and its features, yes these are good to know but priorities talking about the benefits your product will have on the customer, help them understand why they can’t be without it.
  3. Talk about them, not you. We love to blow our own trumpets, but essentially the customer doesn’t care. They want to know what’s in it for them. Use ‘You language’ to explain to them ‘you will benefit from…’.
  4. Have a clear call to action. This might be to buy, book, enquire…whatever action you want them to take while on your sales page make it clear. Have it at the top of your page before the fold line, and have it throughout the page so at any point if they are ready to action they can easily see how.
  5. Write all copy from scratch. This is especially important if you have similar products. Search engines like Google penalise for duplicated copy. Make sure each sales page has fresh and unique copy.
  6. Don’t use unconfident language. Avoid words like might, maybe, could, should, you want to instil confidence in your reader. For example ‘You might will love…’. If you use language that makes them question if it’s really right for them, you could lose that sale.
  7. Be clear on what they get. People make a purchase when they are confident in what they are getting, make sure the offer is clear. After you’ve spoken about the benefits here’s where you can list features and details on what they get.
  8. Add value. We all love to get a good deal, this doesn’t mean you have to offer discounts and slash prices. For example, if you’re a hotel you could add the use of the spa facilities, complimentary bottle of wine, priority booking at the restaurant. This won’t devalue the product but adds value to make it even harder to say no to.

Remember, always keep your customer in mind when writing any sales copy…it might sound obvious but review your pages, and see if you’ve really applied the above or if you’ve talked about you!

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