To outsource or not? Benefits of outsourcing marketing and sales.

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To outsource or not? Benefits of outsourcing marketing and sales.


It wasn’t that long ago that the concept of outsourcing sales work was an unfamiliar one. Marketing was all dealt with in house alongside a dedicated sales team. They would work together to formulate a strategy, identify targets, make contact and convert and close a deal.

The data would all then be processed and fed back to the relevant departments who could then spot trends, peaks and troughs over the course of the year.

With the digital revolution, everything has changed.

A once focused group of sales and marketing professionals now wear multiple hats and this can result in an inconsistent approach and usually escalating costs.

There is an alternative – outsourcing your sales and marketing functions.

Benefits to outsourcing marketing and sales

Depending on the development stage of your business there are multiple benefits to this. For start ups and early stage companies, top of funnel marketing for lead generation will often be priority; this could be establishing the right contacts, or booked sales appointments. More established businesses may require someone to see the sales process through all the way to order completion and account management.

Outsourcing can save you money in the long term and lower risk. It also saves time. Not having to recruit, train and manage a sales and marketing team is massively advantageous. You can use a focused and experienced person or team to complete the work for you – on time and usually at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee. You can also request someone with a specific skill set. Outsourcing can provide the manpower you need, when you need it.

If you are a business owner you will be spinning plates! It comes with the territory that you will dealing with multiple things – all at once. Outsourcing allows you the time to focus on your business, developing new products/services, networking, identifying gaps in the market and new business sectors. You will have time to be proactive and not just reactive. You are also in control and able to scale the sales efforts up or down dependent on business needs/market trends.  So if you need to shift investment and focus quickly this can be achieved by simply making a phone call.

Outsourcing sales and marketing also allows you the ability and flexibility to bring someone in on an as needed basis. You will only have people on contract when you need them and can also cherry pick the services you require. You may not need someone to deliver all the elements of a marketing campaign all the time but can scale up or down as projects, seasons or work loads dictates. It should allow you the time and ability to look ahead. To plan and schedule work in advance thus creating the ever critical pipeline.

Dedicated outside specialists also bring fresh insight, experience and knowledge.  They will be familiar with the skills and processes you require and can deliver results quickly. Access to this can also innovate a team which usually works on familiarity or necessity. It’s a great way to get a fresh perspective on your business.

At the end of the day results are what really matter. Start up business and SMEs are often underfunded and understaffed. Outsourcing sales and /or marketing can enable a quicker growth and valuable results.

Finding an outsourced marketing team

An outside team should compliment your internal team and be an invaluable asset. As with many marketing KPI’s it is quality over quantity. You will want and need quality leads so make sure that whoever you choose isn’t all about the vanity metrics.

So back to our original question … about the benefits of outsourcing marketing and sales- to outsource or not to outsource?

We defintely know it has its benefits and we have experience of it first hand – both of being an outsourced team and working with other marketing and sales professionals on campaigns. It works!

Remember – one person can’t do it all. Use the specialists and experts to support your team.

If after reading this you have further questions or have realised that this is a journey you want your business to embark on then please get in touch today.