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What’s working in marketing right now?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused about which marketing strategies to implement? Which tactics to use? Who to listen to? Wouldn’t you just like to know what’s working in marketing right now? We get it, there is so much to consider, but here we are giving you a few BFOs (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious)…
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What is emotion-led marketing?

You may have heard it be said that people buy on emotion and justify with logic. This is where emotion-led marketing comes into play and how connecting with the emotions of your audience will make the sale.  One of the biggest mistakes people make with their marketing is to focus on the features of the…
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Why you should outsource your marketing instead of getting a marketing coach!

We know a marketing coach can be of real value. They can help you find clarity and direction in your marketing, and get you on the right track to achieving your business and life goals. However, they can also overwhelm you!  From an outside perspective it can be easy for someone to spot all the…
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What is a content strategy

Do I need a content strategy?

As a team of super-creative minds, we love creating content. From writing blogs, to designing infographics and creating video, reels, and video stories; it is so rewarding to see a brand and business come to life and to resonate with its audience through engaging content. We are often asked the question ‘Do I need a…
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Hampshire’s Top Attractions Getting Ready to Welcome You Back

Visitor attractions across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are gearing up for a hopeful summer following the latest government guidance.  Over the past 12 months members of Hampshire’s Top Attractions, a 65 member strong collaborative marketing consortium, have experienced an array of emotions as the pandemic has forced them to close, pivot and look…
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Driving against the odds; new camper van hire company goes from strength to strength during the pandemic

Two friends have joined forces and beaten the odds by successfully launching their new tourism business during a global pandemic. CamperHoliday is the brainchild of Jo Summers and Ian Lightfoot, both from Cheshire, who share interests in camping, road trips and the outdoors. Both had experienced campervan hire which left much to be desired and…
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Local community called upon to help tell the Fawley Power Station story for a new play.

A participatory research and development process has begun to help inform the writing of a new play by playwright David Lane, commissioned and produced by our client Forest Forge Theatre Company. The process and the script aim to link heritage, local history and untold community stories connected to the decommissioned Fawley Power Station, on the…
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8 must-dos when writing your sales copy

Whatever service or product you’re providing, your sales page copy needs to be on point to convert your website visitors into leads and paying customers. It can be easy to get into bad habits when creating a sales page, replicating an existing page and changing a couple of words and images. Perhaps, your pages have…
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Finding your way in business is as clear as mud.

If you were faced with this path; which way would you go? The ground is sodden to the point there are small streams flowing between footprints and every step would leave your foot encased in mud – probably up to your shin.  You have two options. You can do what everyone else has done, and…
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How to stay active on Social Media during [another] lockdown

As we start 2021 with yet another national lockdown, businesses are once again forced to close their doors and lose out on vital revenue, often resulting in social media management hitting the bottom of the priority list. During these closures, staff are often furloughed and resources are tight…and let’s face it, there doesn’t feel like…
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Find you in the Clubhouse

New social App to help find your voice We recently had a discussion within the team about what the next social media/channel would be and what, we felt it would need to do in order to develop into one of the big players. There has been the bitesize, word-focused platform of Twitter. When first launched…
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We close the pages on The Southampton Pocket Guide

Our publication The Southampton Pocket Guide has been providing visitors to the city of Southampton an insight into what’s on and where to go during their visit for 10 years. Sadly, due to the repercussions of the pandemic and the challenging year faced by the tourism industry, the current 2020 edition will be its last. …
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