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Keys to success in sales

If it’s good to talk then why don’t we?

The keys to success in sales By Claire, Business Development & Sales I was driving to pick up my children from nursery the other day and beforehand, Jo, our MD and I had been brainstorming some punchy strap lines for a client’s new campaign. Twice I’d had light bulb moments and twice I had pulled…
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Social Media Trends 2019

by Georgia Trends are an important factor in social media, in order to be successful in your social media advertising and keep up with the trends you must first know them. Here at The Marketing Collective we incorporate them in to our work so that we are always one step ahead of the game providing…
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5 ways to combat Facebook Ad fatigue

Ad fatigue is an issue that will affect even the most successful Facebook ad campaigns.  Do you know how to overcome and recognise it? Ad fatigue doesn’t just mean that users are getting annoyed with your ads; it means a measurable impact on a campaign’s performance. Compared to other online advertising platforms, the audiences on…
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Print media is back

Print media is back in fashion!

It seems that our lives are some what digital these days. Walk away from your phone for just a minute and feel the anxiety levels rise as you begin to panic you are about to miss something vital! As more and more studies show our digital dependence has a direct link to our mood levels…
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5 ways on how to use Twitter to drive traffic to your website

  Some say that Twitter is dying a slow and painful death – but we at The Marketing Collective think not! There is still a huge demand and need for this social networking microblogging site, and it can bring huge benefits to you and your business if used correctly and creatively.  Do you want more…
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Why you need a marketing audit

If you want your business to move forward, it’s a good idea to look at where you were before you try to get where you want to be. A marketing audit allows you to spend allocated time to reflect on previous marketing campaigns, initiatives and to review your strengths and weaknesses as a business. A…
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How to create effective facebook advertising campaigns

  Have you used Facebook ads? Are you currently using them? Not seeing a great ROI on your adverts? Would you like some tips on how to to step up your game? We have put together some key pointers and tips on how to create effective facebook advertising campaigns. You can throw money willy nilly…
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5 social media tools to be using in 2018

How social media tools can save you time: Sometimes it feels as there are just not enough hours in the day, especially when it comes to keeping on top of all your social media. From creating and publishing content to analytics and reporting. It can be quite overwhelming to think of all the jobs relating to…
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Top 5 Marketing Hacks for 2018!

  We know that marketing your business can often be on the bottom of your to-do list. You don’t have time to market your company when you’re busy running it, right?! Even as marketing specialists we can be guilty of this too…not with our clients of course! But making sure we are marketing ourselves as…
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Instagram has just released its biggest ever update of 2017

Instagram Stories Highlights and Archive! Instagram are ending the year with its biggest update, which allows you to create permanent collections of your Instagram Stories. Unlike regular Instagram Stories which vanish after 24 hours, Instagram Stories Highlights are curated clips that can be grouped together and which live permanently on your profile, until you delete them.…
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All you need to know about Facebook Algorithm

Are you noticing that more and more of your posts are reaching fewer people on Facebook? Are you wondering how you can appear in more people’s news feeds? If Facebook is one of your marketing channels, you will need to understand the Facebook algorithm which dictates who sees your content and who doesn’t – all…
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Using content writing to optimise your website

When it comes to SEO it’s all about the content Long gone are the days of spamming your website with your target keyword to get to the top rankings in search engines. It was easier then for websites of little value to outrank others, which was a frustrating experience for the audience. Thankfully search engines…
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