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Are you aware of the latest Instagram updates and banned hashtags?

Although Instagram haven’t bought out any new features as such, they have enhanced a few of their existing features which provide more flexibility and functionality – making it more a more effective and simple marketing communication channel to use.  In this blog post we are going to be talking about the new threaded comments, banned…
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New business tools are coming to Instagram!

  Just a couple of days ago, Instagram officially announced the launch of its tools for business users. This will include new business profiles, analytics (hoorah!) and the ability to turn Instagram posts into ads directly for the app itself. This comes from a recent talk between business owners and Instagram. Business Owners told Instagram…
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Social media trends 2017

Back in December of 2015, we put together a blog of what we thought the social media trends would be during 2016 – you can see that post here – and we think our predictions were pretty accurate! Let’s see if we can predict the social media trends for 2017… 1. Virtual Reality In June of 2016,…
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Have you seen the new updates with Instagram stories?

Have you updated your Instagram app recently? Have you had a look through all the new things you can do on your Instagram story? Below are some of the latest features to hit this social media platform: 1) Snapchat features have been copied by lots of the major social media apps and Instagram is one…
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Are you aware of your Snap Map location?

With the Snap Map, you can now view snaps of breaking news, sporting events, celebrations and more from all over the world – all of which is indicated by heat maps. To access Snap Map, open SnapChat and then pinch the screen inwards and you will be taken to Snap Map where you can see…
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Social Media Trends … 5 things to look out for in 2016!

I wonder if marketers expected social media to be THIS big 5 years or so back? Social Media has changed the way marketing and advertising works. As we are very nearly at the end of 2015 we are reviewing the changes that have happened in the digital world and what there is to come for 2016.…
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What are hashtags?

Did you know that the word hashtag was added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2010 and the Scrabble Dictionary in 2014? The hashtag was originally created as a way to promote content in Tweets. Now it’s used everywhere and we have a feeling it is here to stay! Using hashtags is the easiest and most…
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Social Media Strategy – it’s time to get engaged.

The Marketing Collective’s Social Media Strategy : Top Tips for Social Engagement. Imagine the world today without the Internet … imagine the world today without Social Media! It is quite astonishing how Social Media has changed society and how sending a tweet can get you seen by millions of people or by simply re-tweeting can win…
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