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What’s working in marketing right now?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused about which marketing strategies to implement? Which tactics to use? Who to listen to? Wouldn’t you just like to know what’s working in marketing right now? We get it, there is so much to consider, but here we are giving you a few BFOs (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious)…
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What is emotion-led marketing?

You may have heard it be said that people buy on emotion and justify with logic. This is where emotion-led marketing comes into play and how connecting with the emotions of your audience will make the sale.  One of the biggest mistakes people make with their marketing is to focus on the features of the…
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Why you should outsource your marketing instead of getting a marketing coach!

We know a marketing coach can be of real value. They can help you find clarity and direction in your marketing, and get you on the right track to achieving your business and life goals. However, they can also overwhelm you!  From an outside perspective it can be easy for someone to spot all the…
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8 must-dos when writing your sales copy

Whatever service or product you’re providing, your sales page copy needs to be on point to convert your website visitors into leads and paying customers. It can be easy to get into bad habits when creating a sales page, replicating an existing page and changing a couple of words and images. Perhaps, your pages have…
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Finding your way in business is as clear as mud.

If you were faced with this path; which way would you go? The ground is sodden to the point there are small streams flowing between footprints and every step would leave your foot encased in mud – probably up to your shin.  You have two options. You can do what everyone else has done, and…
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We close the pages on The Southampton Pocket Guide

Our publication The Southampton Pocket Guide has been providing visitors to the city of Southampton an insight into what’s on and where to go during their visit for 10 years. Sadly, due to the repercussions of the pandemic and the challenging year faced by the tourism industry, the current 2020 edition will be its last. …
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Social Media Trends 2021!

Do you keep track of the social media trends that may affect your business? Not to worry, here at The Marketing Collective… we do that for you. We understand the importance of predicting and analysing future trends, that’s why The Marketing Collective and our clients are always one-step ahead of the game. Therefore, the importance…
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We’ve got Georgia on our minds!

Exciting news at TMC as we welcomed our latest recruit, Georgia Millward to the team.  Having completed a 6 week university work placement in 2019 with The Marketing Collective, Georgia made an impression with her creative approach to social media, fresh ideas and strategic thinking.  Roll forward to September 2020 and a position came available…
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Marketing support – Have you thought of pay as you go?

How does having a team of pay as you go marketing managers who are skilled, organised, efficient and incredibly passionate sound? What if you could have that team for just a few hours a week to help you not only keep on top of your marketing but to excel it? Think about how much time…
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TMC Conversations #4

Episode 4 – Growing out of challenging times Jo Andrews, Managing Director at The Marketing Collective hosts another TMC conversation to discuss growth, opportunity and how to cope in these challenging times. Episode 4 is with Digital Marketing coach Colin Scotland, who runs an online coaching programme to help business owners find their niche, gain…
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Know your sales strategy

Sales strategy vs marketing strategy

When two become one. When it comes to the world today, there are many levels of disruption businesses are facing. It is essential you have both a sales strategy and marketing strategy as they are the cornerstone for alignment in your business. Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, sales plans and marketing plans…
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TMC Conversations #3

How to reduce return to work anxiety. Jo Andrews, Managing Director at The Marketing Collective hosts a conversation with Helen Llewellyn from Zoifos, to discuss the important role that employers have to help reduce return to work anxiety. The conversation focuses on the important role that employers have to help employees return to work. The…
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