Do I need a content strategy?

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Do I need a content strategy?

What is a content strategy

As a team of super-creative minds, we love creating content. From writing blogs, to designing infographics and creating video, reels, and video stories; it is so rewarding to see a brand and business come to life and to resonate with its audience through engaging content. We are often asked the question ‘Do I need a content strategy?’ and we know that there’s often confusion as to what a content strategy is and what it should include, so here’s our thoughts and suggestions for developing a content strategy:

What is a content strategy?

It is the process of planning, organising, creating and managing your content to achieve your business goals. 

It sets out a plan of the content you will use across all of your marketing communications. What blog posts you’ll create, what social media you’ll produce, what email marketing you’ll send out, and how all these things have the common purpose of helping you reach your business goals. 

As well as aligning with your goals, it will help you stay relevant to your target audience, helping you to build trust and show yourselves as the experts in what you’re selling. 

Without a content strategy it can be easy to share content for the sake of ‘getting something out there’, and this is where you lose the interest of your audience. 

Why do I need a content strategy? 

A content strategy will help you define your goals, set priorities and make progress. It allows you to plan accordingly so that all of your marketing effort is goal driven. 

Content is a vital form of marketing for any businesses, and digital content allows potential customers to discover your business organically. As they search for topics or concepts relevant to their interests in what you offer, they find out about the services that you provide. 

This way, as opposed to traditional “push” advertising techniques which people are often annoyed by, these consumers get more engaged with the information because it’s tailored towards them, this builds trust and nurtures a relationship between you and them.  

Also, with a content strategy in place, it’s easy for everyone on the team to know how their work contributes towards tangible results! It will also help keep your content aligned, so you are all sending out the same key messages – vital with bigger teams. 

What should I include in my content strategy?

Firstly, think about what problem your product/s solves for your customer. Throughout your content have this problem in your mind and tailor your content to provide them with a solution to their problem. 

Secondly, think about what makes you and your product/service unique, what stands you out above your competition? Make sure you shout about this across your platforms. 

Once you’ve aligned your key messaging based on the above, think about what you will need to support your content; images, videos, blogs, infographics. Plan these into your strategy. 

Where will you be putting your content? Your strategy should make it clear what channels you will be using and what content you will be sharing where. 

Lastly, make it clear who is responsible for what. The content strategy should include who will be creating, publishing and managing the content across all channels. It should also include dates so your content is delivered timely and inline with the plan. 

Need help? 

If you’re still struggling with knowing where to start in creating your content strategy, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.