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Content generation is lead generation to build brand ambassadors and loyalty.

In a fast paced digital and social world, audiences are thirsty for content. Will  plan, deliver and monitor social media campaigns based on your business objectives.


Social media consultancy

Are you posting content a bit ‘willy nilly’ because you know it is what you should be doing? Or do you have a strong content stratgey and plan? Sometimes a kick start in the right direction is all that is needed.

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Social media delivery

We understand that social media can be time consuming and a minefield to know which channels need what type of content.  Offload to our team and you will see the results.

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Content planning and timetables

Hashtags, national days, blogging, vlogging it all needs to be planned. Let us take the lead to develop your social influence.

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PR and media management

Managing PR can be daunting – from writing news worthy, interesting press releases to liaising with the media and building relationships

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Working from Hampshire, Cheshire and more


Oxford Street LOVES

Oxford Street Southampton is one of the city’s most well known streets. With its rich history, famous links to the Titanic and its independent bars and restaurants, the street has a unique offering you won’t find anywhere else in Southampton.  Without any major events planned or a signifcant marketing budget, we put our thinking caps to develop a content driven digital campaign which would increase visits to the new website, raise awareness and provide content which could be used for ongoing campaigns.


The idea behind LOVE WEEK was to showcase what Oxford Street is ‘For’ through a series of daily videos.


Eight themes were identified which were then developed into content plans with a storyboard for a video, blog post and supporting social media.


Working with our videographer eight videos were filmed each with a different theme – food, drink, heritage.. which were then released each day across a week in July. Total video views on Facebook during the week was over 23,000.


 Linking with the theme of the video, the social media supported campaign with images, facts and links to the videos. Social reach during the week exceeded 90,000 users


Social Media Packages

Our social media packages are focused around your results. Whether you are just beginning and in needed of some training, or simply no longer have enough time to run your social media effectively because your business is booming. Your goals will be achieved by our expert digital and social marketing team.

The Kickstarter

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You may feel that your social media is working at a basic level, but you need a bit of a boost to make more impact, drive engagement and a bit of ‘pizazz’ to your posts.  With our one-off Kickstarter package we will audit your existing activities an provide you with tools, timetables and plans for you to improve your reach, engagement and conversions.

  • Social Media Audit
  • 3 month social media marketing strategy for YOU to follow
  • 3 month social media content plan for YOU to use
  • Hashtag timetable specific to your business for YOU to follow
  • Basic social analytic training so you know how to keep on track.
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The Influencer

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Your business and brand is growing, you have followers hungry for your content but you can’t keep up. We will deliver consitent, influential content to continually build loyal ambassadors and raving fans. We will gain their attention, increase audience engagement and boost your online reputation.

  • Social Media Audit
  • 6 month social media marketing strategy WE will deliver
  • 6 month social media content plan WE will deliver
  • Extensive hashtage timetable specific to your business and projects
  • Daily posts across 4 channels
  • 2 hours of digital styling and photography
  • Engagement with online journalists, editors and bloggers
  • Bi-weekly reporting and feedback
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The Event Broadcaster

Most popular

We know from first hand experience that events require as many ‘hands on deck’. Social media is often the primary marketing tool pre event to raise awareness. But, on tha day social media and content can take a back seat as organisers are busy with event management. We can provide on site social media throughout the event so that there is one less task to manage.

  • Event briefing to cover objectives, tone of voice, priority content and health and safety
  • We will create a social media event plan
  • Event broadcasting across platforms including stories and live broadcasting
  • Specific event hashtags
  • Targeting and tagging press and media throughout the day
  • Collection of images throughout the day for use post event
  • Post event analytics report of channels used.
Events covered: Festivals, concerts, conferences, away ceremonies, PR launches, shows, community events to name a few. Click to book us today!