How to create effective facebook advertising campaigns

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How to create effective facebook advertising campaigns


Have you used Facebook ads? Are you currently using them? Not seeing a great ROI on your adverts? Would you like some tips on how to to step up your game? We have put together some key pointers and tips on how to create effective facebook advertising campaigns.

You can throw money willy nilly at adverts driving people to your Facebook Page and send them to a page on your website. But, you need to be smart, efficient and concise about it. Facebook ads can be highly profitable if done currently and there are countless ways to make them more effective. Optimised adverts can help you spend your PPC budget wisely and see a great return on your investment.

There are some key components to ensure that your advert will really work and these must be done:

  • The adverts visual and look. With the new Facebook algorithm, visual content is treated more favorably and visual content will likely get shared and remembered than bland written only content. You need to make sure your image and overall advert is visually appealing – let the picture do all the talking. (It is true what they say: a picture speaks a thousand words!)
  • The Relevancy. This is critical for success! You need to remember that you are spending money when someone views or clicks on your advert (depending on the settings you use). If you’re showing ads that aren’t relevant to your target audience, you’re wasting your time and money, and will likely not see success with any kind of advertising.
  • It includes an enticing (yet believable!) value proposition. For example, saying you have the greatest pasta dishes in the world will not make people come to your business’s Page, but maybe offering 20% off will. Or, perhaps adding social proof will help — something like, “Pasta dishes loved by over one million people every year! Come try yours today and get 20% off your order with this coupon.” A value proposition tells the reader why they should click on your ad to learn more about your product. How is your product or service different from any other? Why should the viewer click on your ad to see your website?
  • It has a clear call-to-action. A beautifully visual and relevant advert is great, but without a call-to-action, your viewer might not know what to do next. Add a call-to-action button like “Buy now and save % by DD.MM.YY’ – add a sense of urgency to your viewer.


Our top tips for running successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns:

#1: Delve deep into the Audience Insights for potential target data
Make sure you use the Audience Insights to find new potential customers to target. You can base it on characteristics and interests of people who already like your page.

#2: Align your ad with the campaign landing page
The content of the Facebook advert should be aligned with the content of the landing page. Once someone clicks on the ad, they expect to get exactly what the post promised. If they do, your website and brand gain credibility, and potential customers are more likely to trust the company as a whole.

#3: Test, Test, Test and Test again!
Instead of creating different ads and split testing them, create variations of whichever ad currently performs best, and change one element at a time. For example, take your best ad, make copies of it and change the headline of each version. You now have multiple ads that are identical except for the headline that you can test.

#4: Experiment with different Ad placement
Instead of just choosing news feed right-column ads or going for all news feed ads, split test the different ad placements. This allows you to control the budget to a much higher degree than if all ad formats were in one campaign or ad set.

#5: Use Geographic Targeting
To save money on bidding, set up ad sets according to geographic target areas. Ideally, each ad set should just target one geographic area because the cost per click can vary greatly.

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