How to stay active on Social Media during [another] lockdown

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How to stay active on Social Media during [another] lockdown

As we start 2021 with yet another national lockdown, businesses are once again forced to close their doors and lose out on vital revenue, often resulting in social media management hitting the bottom of the priority list.

During these closures, staff are often furloughed and resources are tight…and let’s face it, there doesn’t feel like there’s a lot to say, so you let your social media slide. If virtual tumble-weed existed, it would be rolling across thousands of Facebook Business pages right now!

Whilst it may seem an obvious solution to stop social media activity whilst having your business closed during the lockdown, it’s actually your time to shine! It’s an opportunity to get your brand out there as much as possible, even if you aren’t currently selling.

If you are managing to keep your social media going, the next hurdle is what to say?! You are closed, nothing new is happening, there’s clearly nothing you could share with your audience which is of interest, right? Wrong!

Here’s how to keep your social media active during lockdown:

Start conversations

Interact with talking points that people can relate to (like the effects of a global pandemic!). Ask their opinions “Which do you prefer?”, “When you come out of lockdown what’s the first thing you’ll be doing?”, “How are you filling your weekends now we can’t go out?”. By doing this you will be increasing your engagement and visibility.

Interact with the local area

If you have a local business seek support from your local community. Perhaps you could help share local news and updates, become a source for information. People don’t have to buy from you to support your business. Liking, sharing, and engaging with you will help increase your brand awareness. Thank them for their support!

Interact with the industry

Look for conversations with others in your industry. This could be by searching for certain terms or related hashtags. Join in conversations and learn from what others are doing. You may even find business opportunities within those conversations!

Show people behind the scenes

Show people something different, a different side to your business. How does it work? What do your team do? Give them an exclusive insight into your world. People respond to people and they will be more receptive to your human side.

Continue to sell

If you can sell products online or can sell future bookings and gift vouchers, do! Keep promoting your products. If you can’t sell right now, you can still tell people about it with a message to remember you when the time is right! Once lockdown is lifted you want to be at the forefront of their minds, ahead of your competitors.

Step out of your comfort zone and try something new

Try introducing some video content or try Live video. Videos are hugely popular on social media, with most channels now prioritise videos over any other content.

Share reviews and testimonials

Tell your audience what other people thought of you! If you have reviews share one or two a week to demonstrate why you’ll be worth the wait when you open again!


Use previous content, photos, videos, musings from simpler times! People respond well to a bit of nostalgia, and this is content you have already without having to think of something new!

These are challenging times, but people are online more than ever, they are still buying, and they still want to plan for the future. Make sure your business shows up, so when the time is right YOU are the one they go to!

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