5 ways on how to use Twitter to drive traffic to your website

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5 ways on how to use Twitter to drive traffic to your website


Some say that Twitter is dying a slow and painful death – but we at The Marketing Collective think not! There is still a huge demand and need for this social networking microblogging site, and it can bring huge benefits to you and your business if used correctly and creatively. 

Do you want more people to share your blog posts on Twitter? Looking for proven promotion tactics that deliver blog traffic?

If you’re new to Twitter, looking to get started or to looking to brush up on some of the fundamentals of the social media platform, then look no further. We have put together 5 tips on how to use Twitter effectively and how to drive traffic to your all important website.

1. Tweet, Tweet & Tweet again!

Tweeting a link to your website or a blog post more than once is 100% fine! Especially if the content is evergreen. One thing to note though, is to not flood your Twitter timeline with the same content, you will be seen as spam – the link can be the same but make sure that the tweet itself is crafted differently. Create around 3-5 different versions of the Tweet and schedule them.

It is also totally acceptable to Tweet more than once in a day.

But how often can I post?

Tweet around 2-3 times a day and also tweet posts from your archive every day, this way new followers can then discover you through your old content.

2. Mention businesses that you include in your link or those that would be interested in it.

This tactic is really simple but works well. In social media promotion, collaboration is powerful. If you are sharing a blog link about ‘Things to do in Southampton this weekend’ and it includes a list of the top 10 things to do, tag all those venues in your tweet – chances are (if the blog post is good), they’ll share it with their audience or at least retweet you.

3. Retweet or thank anyone that mentions you!

Make sure you you look out for people who are actively sharing your blog posts on Twitter and either reply or retweet their posts. This will not only mean they will be more likely to share again in the future, but retweeting what other people have said about your article conveys a level of social proof and drives traffic, too. Plus it’s a nice thing to do! Also not all Tweets you will be mentioned in so make sure you watch out for these! To find these tweets, try typing the title of your blog, your post, or the URL into the Twitter search function. You should find some people who are spreading the good word without letting you know!

4. Create enticing clickbait with a strong call-to-action

Think about how your tweet will create the desire to click and read more. To spark that desire, why not try making people laugh if you can? Why not share an interesting fact that you use in your blog post as your Tweet? Make sure you lay out the benefits to the user for clicking on the link – what are they going to get from that click?

5. Pin an important tweet to the top of your profile

If the main purpose of your Twitter marketing is to drive traffic to your website, blog or video, it’s a good idea to always pin your latest blog article or video to the top of your timeline. Your pinned tweet is almost guaranteed to get more impressions. By pinning a tweet is allows new followers to see what your business and Twitter profile is all about by that one tweet – so make it a powerful one!

In conclusion, Twitter is a simple platform and you quite easily master the technicalities of how it works. But if you really want to use Twitter as a strategic marketing tool, you have to get creative.

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