Instagram has just released its biggest ever update of 2017

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Instagram has just released its biggest ever update of 2017

Instagram Stories Highlights and Archive!

Instagram are ending the year with its biggest update, which allows you to create permanent collections of your Instagram Stories. Unlike regular Instagram Stories which vanish after 24 hours, Instagram Stories Highlights are curated clips that can be grouped together and which live permanently on your profile, until you delete them. You can now make highlights of a specific vacation, an event, or just some of your favourite things.

See them like a movie trailer for your Instagram feed!

They’re a super creative way to express yourself, show off products, drive traffic, or market your business.

There’s also a new Instagram Stories Archive, which automatically saves your Instagram Stories in the cloud so you don’t have to save them to your phone. With this new feature – it sure eliminates any anxiety around the loss of valuable content with a normal Instagram story. As long as you keep the auto-archiving feature turned on (this can be done via the Story settings) you can retain and re-share your very best Instagram Stories content after the 24-hour period has passed, without needing to set a reminder to save a story manually.

You can add up to 100 photos or videos to a Story Highlight, and there’s no limit to how many Highlights you can create. If you don’t want any trace of your old Stories available privately to you, you can opt out and turn off Stories Archive.

Here are some ideas for how you can use them to make an impact on your business:

1: Tutorials / How-Tos

If you use your social media channels to educate your audience, you can organise your most helpful tutorials, tips, and tricks into your Instagram Stories Highlights.

2: Highlight Products or Collections in your Instagram Stories

Fashion and lifestyle brands can use Instagram Stories Highlights to create separate channels for seasonal collections, new arrivals, or to share sales and other promotions.

3: Highlight your customers

If you have a product or business that people are consistently tagging in their own story content, you can re-share it and post to your own Stories. This is not only a great way to give your customers a virtual shout out, but it also showcases your business in an authentic way through UGC (user-generated content). This Chrome extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chrome-ig-story/bojgejgifofondahckoaahkilneffhmf?hl=en-US) will allow you to save another user’s story so that you can add it to your profile. Just make sure that you get permission first and give proper credit to the original creator by tagging them in your story when you post.

4: Highlight your campaigns in your Instagram Stories

If you have a promotion or campaign that you’ve put a lot of work into, it can be pretty sad to watch it disappear after only 24 hours! With Instagram Stories Highlights, you can ensure it can be viewed by as many people as possible by pinning it on your profile for as long as that specific campaign is active.

5: Highlight your reviews

If you want to share your customer reviews with your followers, you can create an Instagram Stories Highlight for that! Take screenshots of the reviews you would like to share and boast about your very own raving fans.

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