Marketing support – Have you thought of pay as you go?

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Marketing support – Have you thought of pay as you go?

How does having a team of pay as you go marketing managers who are skilled, organised, efficient and incredibly passionate sound?

What if you could have that team for just a few hours a week to help you not only keep on top of your marketing but to excel it?

Think about how much time you would save. What could take you or a colleague who doesn’t have a marketing skillset a few hours to do, will most likely take us half the time.

With pay as you go marketing you only pay for the hours – of which some super focused, awesome marketing has been achieved.

We know that little tasks like content for social media, writing copy for emails, creating emails and even writing out a marketing action plan can be the thoughts that keep you awake at night.

And then you put them off because they have become a HUGE task.

Well, please… get some sleep and let us help you.

In such uncertain times areas of growth that are most valuable and that bring tangible results are being neglected. Marketing budgets are often cut, positions made redundant, and the role of marketing is passed to someone who doesn’t have the skill set.

This can do more damage to a business because if you aren’t marketing your products and services, if you aren’t communicating with your customers and potential buyers then you will run into difficulty.

However, we get it. Tough decisions have to be made but we have a solution.

We know that the thought of committing to a minimum 6-month contract can be daunting especially when you need to see results fast. You may want and need the skill set of a Marketing Manager but can’t afford the salary.

Our rolling monthly marketing packages can help your business in the long or short term. Whether you are short-staffed, embarking on a lengthy recruitment process or just in need of support whilst your business is pivoting or launching a new service/product, we can assist.

Pay as you go marketing services

Below are just some of the areas in which we can help:

Not sure what you need?

How about letting us run a comprehensive marketing audit which will provide clarity, direction, and recommendations on what you need to do to absolutely boss your marketing in the time you have.

So ask yourself:

”Have I got an idea for a campaign but can’t put it into pictures?”
”Am I struggling to send email newsletters to my clients? ”
”Is my website generating leads?” 
”Am running out of photos for social media? ”

If the answer is yes, don’t waste any more time – get the sleep you need and let us help you!

Get in touch via the below and we will get back to you with a plan!