New business tools are coming to Instagram!

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New business tools are coming to Instagram!


Just a couple of days ago, Instagram officially announced the launch of its tools for business users. This will include new business profiles, analytics (hoorah!) and the ability to turn Instagram posts into ads directly for the app itself.

This comes from a recent talk between business owners and Instagram. Business Owners told Instagram they wanted better ways for their profiles and posts to stand out and also tools that would help them to understand their current customers – and Instagram listened, hence the creation of the new business tools. The new business profile will allow users to interact with businesses via a new contact button which will include a CALL, SEND EMAIL and GET DIRECTIONS option.

Not everyone will be able to get a business profile – only those who have a Facebook Page for their business will be able to convert their account. Within the new tool, businesses will now be able to track every single post and see which one is performing well. It will also include top posts, reach, impressions and the total engagement around posts along with data on followers like gender, age and location.

All of these analytics will be available via mobile meaning that businesses will be able to track whilst on the go. The tools will be rolling out in the US, Australia and New Zealand in the coming months and will be available internationally by the end of the year.

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