PR & Copywriting

When lack of time and resources mean that you are not marketing your business to its full potential, we can provide the skills and knowledge needed to raise the profile and attract your target audience.


It can be hard to find your voice in a crowded marketplace. The media is full of news and stories about places to go, events taking place, the good, the bad and sometime the ugly! Managing PR can be daunting – from writing news worthy, interesting press releases to liaising with the media and building relationships. Whatever your message, whether a new product, an event, special promotion or to simply get your business known, we can make the process of PR less daunting and with focus on the good and better still, the unique and amazing. We can not only create inspiring copy for press releases but we can tell your story in an exciting and creative way to gain coverage and attention.

For visitor guides, magazines and leaflets we can create interesting and exciting copy that sets businesses apart from the competition. Get in touch to find out more about our PR and copywriting services.