Destination Marketing

The art of communicating with the target audience to influence their destination preference and their product choices.

areas-of-the-business-tourismDestinations require a brand that not only communicates with its audience but also that inspires and delivers fond memories of happy times in beautiful places.

Sometimes, simply projecting a destination to these potential visitors is not enough especially when there is so much choice. The Marketing Collective seeks to create the tangible, satisfying feeling of happiness when a visitor has been matched with their perfect day out, short break or holiday destination they were looking for.

Content marketing forms a strong part of destination marketing and campaigns need to be integrated and deliverable across digital and social platforms. Visitors are able to virtually tour destinations, read reviews and plan adventures through online and social platforms. We can help to plan strategies, identify platforms and generate content which will allow your brand to connect with this online and social audience, allowing them, to find you.

We understand that every village, town, county and region is different and they all compete for the visitor’s time, money and attention. We focus on the local distinctiveness of a destination, the people, hidden gems and the unique attractiveness.

With a credible and proven track record in successful destination marketing, we plan, implement and measure successful marketing campaigns to influence, inspire and create pride of place in destinations. We create eye-catching publications, campaigns and unique opportunities that stimulate visitor’s interests and support the local visitor economy.

Projects include:

  • Hampshire’s Top Attractions
  • Hamble Valley
  • Southsea Beach
  • Southampton