Print media is back in fashion!

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Print media is back in fashion!

Print media is back

It seems that our lives are some what digital these days. Walk away from your phone for just a minute and feel the anxiety levels rise as you begin to panic you are about to miss something vital!

As more and more studies show our digital dependence has a direct link to our mood levels and is proven to be responsible for the rise in anxiety and depression.

It’s not all bad of course, our digital platforms are a great way to connect, share and stay in touch with family, friends, colleagues, and even make new connections. However, as the side effects of our digital age begin to show, more people are beginning once again to want something physical.

Online content is here to stay and will no doubt continue to grow and flourish. The flip side now is that it no longer means the death of print!

When it comes to publications such as magazines, guides, newspapers and books, people still want the ability to pick things up! Take the airport waiting lounge, whilst people wait for their flight and prepare for a long journey they will still choose to pick up a copy of the free airport magazine, or buy themselves a book.

Print media is back

The benefit of their chosen print media is that there is no battery life that will die the moment they get to the good bit! It’s retainable, not to be lost amongst the endless sea of Google searches. It’s also real, and [usually] trustworthy, which our digital age still appreciates.

As a marketing company that deals with both digital and print media we have watched the demands for each platform change over the years. For a while it looked set that we would be saying goodbye to print, but now, as more of us begin to lift our heads up once again from our mobile phones and tablets, we are seeing an increase in demand for our publications.

For businesses we say, don’t neglect your print options! It took a dip for a while but we are confident it’s back on the rise and here to stay!

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