Oxford Street Southampton

Oxford Street Southampton

“Oxford Street is the cosmopolitan area in Southampton of independent dining and hospitality”

What we do:


  • Visual branding and identity based on what Oxford Street is ‘FOR’ (Dining /drinking/ socialising etc)
  • Design of a new website for the brand to profile as a sub-destination within Southampton.
  • Delivered a 39% increase in traffic during our Love Week video campaign aimed to bring awareness of what the street has to offer. 


  • Organisation and co-ordination of events such as Music on the Street.
  • Brand and relationship building with stakeholders.
  • Marketing reports and budget management.
  • Act as an off-site marketing team for the businesses.


  • Plan and deliver SEO content: ”Roast in Southampton” reached 1st page of Google within 10 days and page 1 of Google for “live music in Southampton” and “Southampton Maritime History”
  • Increase website traffic – 82% of website sessions are through organic search.
  • Social media delivery which has increased by 258% since September 2016 and Twitter increased by 24%.
  • Write optimised blog posts which receive 2500 visits.


The Oxford Street Traders Association is a marketing consortium of the businesses located in and around Oxford Street, Southampton. The group aims to work together and share resources for the promotion, development and safeguarding of the street. That by combining resources and contributing to a joint marketing pot that the street can develop the brand, generate and deliver a number of marketing activities that businesses may not be able to do alone.