Whitchurch Silk Mill

Whitchurch Silk Mill


Highlighting local distinctiveness, we understand the importance of producing eye-catching print that makes an attraction stand out when placed in a leaflet stand.

“I would highly recommend The Marketing Collective to any attraction looking for a team to quickly and efficiently tackle their design and print needs, large or small. Efficiently the team undertook our commission with great efficiency and enthusiasm, which made it a great pleasure to work with them. With a great understanding of the area, our industry and our customers and they quickly understood what was required. I felt that we had an additional dedicated marketing team supporting our very small site based team.”
Sue Tapliss, Marketing Manager, Whitchurch Silk Mill

What we do:


  • Graphic design the annual Visitor Leaflet and manage the print of 75,000 copies.
  • Graphic design of supporting visitor leaflets.
  • Creative design of supporting print and digital adverts and posters for use across the year.
  • Graphic design of pop-up banners for the promotion of Whitchurch Silk Mill at a number of exhibitions and events.


Using the new logo and branding, the aim was to promote the Silk Mill as a unique attraction in Hampshire and to raise the profile of the tea rooms. The stripes on the chosen concept add tension to the design – being the threads on the loom and the colours compliment the website and provide a fresh approach.