Project name:

Breeze Magazine

Project description:

There are often magazines and titles that we dream of working on. We have ideas and visions to develop and design beautiful articles and features for the publications.

In May 2015, we were awarded the contract to produce and publish Southampton Airport’s passenger magazine, Breeze.
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The Aim

To develop the Breeze brand; Southampton Airport’s passenger magazine which targets a Abc affluent audience. Improving the content, look and feel to be more inline with readers and to showcase the airport’s destinations and the local region.

Our Objectives

Rebrand Breeze so that it has its own identity and one that reflects the high-end travel magazine.

To deliver a targeted sales campaign to the local region and in the destinations which are serviced by Southampton Airport to develop the quality of adverts and brands included in the publication.

To write engaging copy and editorial features covering destinations, Hampshire and its cities and towns to showcase and engage with the reader.

Develop a ‘must-be-in’ travel magazine for Southampton Airport which supports their brand message, ethos and objectives.

Our Approach

We are all about building relationships across the industry and not a hard sell advertising agency, we are working with previous and exiting Breeze advertisers to develop their campaigns to add value to their business.

Visitor data is vital and through a new visitor survey we can better understand the Breeze reader and test the new look Breeze brand.

Writing engaging copy needs to be honest and up to date. We work with the destination managers at each of the destinations to ensure our content is not only correct but provides new and interesting information which will encourage visits.

For advertising rates and opportunities, download the Breeze Magazine Media Pack or email breeze(at)