Project name:

Hamble Valley

Project description:

The Hamble Valley is a destination brand which lies at the heart of The Marketing Collective and the ethos of collaborative marketing.

Owned and managed by our team, the Hamble Valley is a case study in the importance of destination marketing. Originating at the local authority in 2001, the brand was developed to identify and promote the picturesque area of Hampshire. As a result of public funding cuts and the demise of local authority tourism, the Hamble Valley moved to the private sector and has flourished through businesses and organisations working together on marketing campaigns and promotions.

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The Aim

In any marketing campaign the aim is to raise awareness, stimulate interest and desire to result in an action, with destination marketing, the action is visits to attractions, venues and the area.  The aim is to develop the Hamble Valley as a lifestyle destination, promoting green and sustainable tourism and working with key businesses and organisations to create stories and PR campaigns that bring the area to life.

Our Objective

Our main objectives with the Hamble Valley is to promote the area as a family destination and publicise the wealth of unique visitor attractions to encourage more day visits, short breaks and holidays. One of the biggest challenges is promoting to local residents and raising the awareness of what is on their doorstep.

To engage the local visitor industry in raising the profile of the area for economic gain and to support local businesses.

To deliver a targeted sales campaign to the accommodation, hospitality and attraction venues within the Hamble Valley with a focus on developing editorial features.

To project manage the advertising sales campaign, copywriting, design, print and distribution of the visitor guide, mini guide and local heritage literature.

Through integrated marketing campaigns to promote the local distinctiveness of towns, villages and heritage of the area.

Our Approach

  • Hamble Valley Visitor Magazine Circulation of 25,000 across central and southern England targeting short breaks, holidays and day visitors.
  • Heritage leaflets – a series of heritage based leaflets to promote local distinctiveness from maritime history, aviation to 13th century gothic ruins of Netley Abbey and Walking leaflets – The Hamble Valley has numerous walking trails which are promoted through printed trail leaflets
  • Destination website complimenting the Visitor Magazine, providing opportunities for creative articles, event promotion and website advertising. The website features and news provide content of our social media channels
  • As a destination involving a number of attractions, places to visit and businesses it is important that PR is consistent and inclusive of members where possible. Promoting what’s on over school and public holidays generates provides ideas for days out and great news stories. We produce regular industry newsletters to share best practise, promote businesses and update with news from partners as well as a Hamble Valley Visitor Newsletter promoting new developments, campaigns and events.
  • In order for collaboration to happen local businesses must meet and network, we organise industry training and marketing planning events Hamble Valley businesses.

“I have worked with Jo for ten years and have much appreciated her enthusiasm, initiative, drive and depth of experience of the Tourism Industry.  She is responsible for the Hamble Valley brand which has proved particularly successful and given this area of Hampshire an identity.  She has, single handily, raised the profile of a rather under-rated location and informed a wider audience of its many attractions and scenery.” Jenny Schwausch, Owner, Strawberry Cottage B&B

For more information on the Hamble Valley or to be involved including advertising in the Hamble Valley Visitor Magazine or on contact us at [email protected]