Project name:

Houghton Lodge & Gardens

Project description:

We can be the marketing team you need.

Whether you need a marketing consultant for a day to get you on the right track or a team to organise and deliver your marketing goals; from writing marketing strategies and action plans to arranging advertising media, liaising with press and media, designing adverts and promotion material to developing campaigns, building relationships and customer retention and development, we can be the team that you need.

This is the role that The Marketing Collective fulfils for Houghton Lodge and Gardens.

The Aim

To raise the profile of Houghton Lodge and Gardens as an attraction in Hampshire targeting families, garden enthusiasts, groups and as a unique wedding venue.

Our Objectives

To produce a annual marketing and PR strategy for the historic house and Grade II* gardens which aim to target the group market as well as garden enthusiasts, families and the wedding market.

To develop a brand image and identity which has been used across a new visitor leaflet, Houghton Lodge & Gardens website and as a unique Hampshire wedding venue, across a Houghton Lodge & Gardens wedding brochure.

To achieve targeted advertising which delivers a return on investment utilising their small marketing budget.

To manage and deliver the social media marketing, digital and email marketing campaigns.

We manage all media buying, distribution campaigns as well as social media, event planning and consulting on ways to develop the visitor experience

Our Approach

We are an off-site marketing team allowing Houghton Lodge to focus on the development of the gardens as a visitor attraction.