Project name:

The Guest Guide

Project description:

Working in collaboration means that we can quickly see the opportunities.

With around 4.6 million staying trips to Hampshire made every year, we identified an opportunity for a new magazine, exclusively for the guests at hotels, B&B’s and Guest Houses.

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The Aim

To produce a series of Guest Guides for Hampshire cities which are high-end lifestyle magazines promoting attractions, venues, hospitality businesess and people to the staying guest. We all know that whatever is left in a hotel bedroom – we read it from cover to cover whilst our other half is in the shower!

 Our Objective

 To create a publication which is read in detail and which inspires the response “Well I never knew that” which leads to a visit.

 To deliver a targeted sales campaign to the hospitality and attraction venues focusing on engaging editorial features which tell a story.

To encourage visitors back to the cities by highlighting future developments.

Design a guide which looks and feels high-end so that it is left in hotel rooms to be read time and time again.

Our Approach

Launching in Southampton in 2011 with 3000 copies of The Southampton Guest Guide, the publication now has a print run of 10,000.

The Portsmouth Guest Guide was launched in 2013 with 10,000 copies and The Winchester Guest Guide was launched in 2014 with 10,000 copies in conjunction with Visit Winchester and Winchester BID

Ensuring that Guest Guides complimenting other tourism visitor guides such as The Southampton Pocket Guide, we work with local authorities and business groups.

Visit our visitor guide publication gallery to view copies of The Guest Guides.

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