Project name:

The Southampton Pocket Guide

Project description:

Every city needs a comprehensive city guide to detail attractions, places to go, venues to see, establishments to stay in and locations to dine in.

Our flagship project is The Southampton Pocket Guide – the official and only tourism publication for visitors to the city. Targeting day visitors, staying visitors, business tourism, cruise passengers or event local residents, the retained handy pocket-sized visitor guide promotes the diverse range of attractions, entertainment venues, hotels and guest-houses.
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The Aim

To remain as the leading and official visitor guide to the city supporting the visitor economy and raising the profile of the city and its businesses.

Our Objectives

Increase print run and improve distribution year on year to reach new audiences.

To deliver a targeted sales campaign to the accommodation, hospitality and attraction venues in and around Southampton with a focus on developing itineraries

To write engaging copy and editorial features, develop emotive and attractive design with striking features and photography to showcase the city and to deliver targeted distribution of the guide along the M3 corridor, Hampshire and city.

Our Approach

We never see an sales or advertising campaign as a one off. We build relationships with our advertisers and work within them through the guide to add value to their business.

We add value through The Southampton Events Guide and The Southampton Guest Guide providing a package of marketing opportunities.

Visitor data is vital and through the visitor questionnaire in The Southampton Pocket Guide we understand the Southampton visitor, their motivations and what they would like to see. We share this information via an annual report.

We are well connected within the city, with active roles in: Cruise Partnership, Marketing Southampton, Future Southampton, Southampton and Region Hoteliers Association, Small Hoteliers & B&B Association, Oxford Street and cultural partnerships.  We work with Southampton City Council and Discover Southampton to ensure campaigns are connected and within the Southampton brand.

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The 2016 issue of The Southampton Pocket Guide can be viewed below: