Project name:

Tudor Revels

Project description:

We have always been passionate about the heritage of the areas in which we work and when we were approached by the Tudor Revels Project team to manage a PR campaign for their exciting project, we couldn’t resist!

The Tudor Revels is a major programme to raise the profile of the heritage, archives and history of Southampton in the Tudor Period [1485-1603]. All the Tudor monarchs visited Southampton which was, as today, an important port, a thriving trading town and at the heart of many of the pivotal events that took place in England in this turbulent and defining period of history.
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The Aim

Our aim and brief was to shed light on a turbulent but largely unknown part of Southampton’s history, bringing together the knowledge and expertise of the volunteer editors of the Tudor Revels Project and to explore Southampton’s rich history from the original sources and the people who were there at the time.

To communicate the wealth of information about Tudor Southampton available on the website. Explore and develop the public’s interest and engagement through promotion and communication.

The Objective

To highlight the projects relevance nationally through targeted press.

To produce an engaging piece of print to promote the events calendar from July to September and featuring the large two day Michaelmas Fair event (2012) and one day Meet the Ancestors event (2013)

To produce an attractive and easy to follow walking tour leaflet.

Our Approach

2012 Project:

The Marketing Collective developed a PR plan that kept local and special interest press informed about the project’s aims, workshops and key event – a Michaelmas Fair.

Targeting local, regional and special interest press  such as Family Tree Magazine, we were able to achieve a wide coverage for the project and event.

Utilising our social media channels alongside the PR campaign we were able to promote the Michaelmas Fair which attracted around 5000 visitors on the day.

We designed a 24pp DL leaflet with details of the events and a timetable for the Michaelmas Fair and assisted with the distribution of 20,000 copies.

2013 Project:

We designed a Walking Tour of Tudor Southampton leaflet, a 24pp DL leaflet to promote a new trail that had been developed through the project along with another events programme to promote a Meet the Ancestors event.
From April through to September 2013, we managed the social media for Tudor Revels promoting the tudor history of Southampton and promoting events. Developing the relationships with local and special interest press, we continued to promote the Tudor Revels project, achievements and the events for the Meet the Ancestors.

2014 Project:

Following all the research from the project and the development of a series of walks and talks available to groups and tourists, we produced a high-end 6pp DL leaflet.