Project name:

Whitchurch Silk Mill

Project description:

Working with a number of attractions in Hampshire, The Marketing Collective understand the importance of producing eye-catching print that makes an attraction stand out when placed in a leaflet stand.

As a member of Hampshire’s Top Attractions and an advertiser in the Test Valley Visitor Guide, Whitchurch Silk Mill approached us to develop the attraction brand for the 2014 season.
- - - -

The Aim

Using the new logo and branding, the aim was to promote the Silk Mill as a unique attraction in Hampshire and to raise the profile of the tea rooms.

Our Objectives

To design an attractive Visitor Leaflet and manage the print of 75,000 copies.

Following the design of the leaflet, to produce a number of supporting adverts and posters for use across the year.

To design pop-up banners for the promotion of Whitchurch Silk Mill at a number of exhibitions and events.

Our Approach

We designed a bespoke 6pp DL Visitor Leaflet which integrated the wonderful and interesting history of the site with a modern design. The stripes add tension to the design – being the threads on the loom and the colours compliment the website and provide a fresh approach.