TMC Conversations #3

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TMC Conversations #3

How to reduce return to work anxiety.

Jo Andrews, Managing Director at The Marketing Collective hosts a conversation with Helen Llewellyn from Zoifos, to discuss the important role that employers have to help reduce return to work anxiety.

The conversation focuses on the important role that employers have to help employees return to work. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many people around the world to isolate themselves in their own homes for a number of months.

There will be a huge amount of anxiety for some around having to return to their place of work. In this conversation Helen shares some useful tips on how we can help ourselves with anxiety and what employers can do.

6 tips on how to help employees return to work

  • Invite managers to prepare themselves well first – a confident and compassionate manager will help staff feel comfortable to speak up about their concerns.
  • Treat the staff as friends. Hold space for them to talk, listen and look at their body language, use your instinct to help read them.
  • Ask your staff questions and want to know the answer. Be prepared for all reactions, including those who may respond with fears and anxieties.
  • Try to talk to them face to face, a video call would be preferable to a phone call so you can see their reactions.
  • Think about how you phrase your questions, try not to influence your questions with your own versions of what you want, e.g. “What would you like to happen next?” rather than “Alright for coming back to work then?”
  • Check your insurance policy as there may be the offer of help and support for employee wellbeing.

How to talk to your boss if you are anxious

  • As an employee, you may feel anxious about simply speaking up about your anxieties around returning to work. Prepare yourself to talk to your manager by having a steady mindset, take a short walk in nature, do it first thing in the morning or after lunch so your mind hasn’t had too much time to think and worry about the what-ifs.
  • Use the term “I feel”. No one can dispute your personal feelings and it can be a good way to express any concerns.

Resource yourself. Be Prepared. Hold space. Ask questions.

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