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Our focus is to provide honest and understandable feedback on your SEO and website

We know that marketing managers can often be ‘bamboozled’ with SEO tech talk which can be difficult to understand. We will tell you how it is and not what we ‘think’ you need to know. This will then allow you to make objective decisions on your marketing strategy.

Get Your Easy to Use SEO Checklist  A comprehensive guide to improving your website’s visibility.

We have put together a simple, easy to follow SEO Checklist for you. I
 If you don’t have budget to spend on SEO services – this checklist will provide you with some simple steps to improve your organic traffic. 


Get your website ship-shape and ready to drive leads

Improve your rankings, reach new audiences, launch amazing content, expand your local & global presence and more with our SEO audit. 

You’ll get concrete evidence on the things you need to improve with your website and how to fix them, all delivered by a seasoned SEO professional.

Page Speed Check

We will identify any performance issues on your site that may be slowing it down and be having a negative impact on your search engine rankings and your customers experience.

Google Penalty Check

We will check if your site has been hurt by an algorithmic update or manual action that may be causing Google to lower your rankings. We will pinpoint the source and provide solutions.

Duplicate Content Check

Duplicate content could be causing search engines to favour another site over your own and lower your rankings. We will identify any content that may be causing a problem.

Broken Links Check

Search engines crawl websites through links, if your site has lots of dead links it may stop search engines crawling it properly. We will identify any broken links and alert you to them.

Audit packages

Starter audit:

Ensures the essentials are in place to rank well in search engines.

Levels the playing field with your competition.

Understand if you have a Google penalty and how to resolve it.

Identifies issues that are holding you back.

Highlights new areas to focus on in the future.

Full audit (small site up to 70 pages)

As per Starter audit… 

Explains how to exceed and outrank the competition

Gain a deeper understanding of the technical, content and local SEO issues holding you back and how to fix them.

Understand new opportunities with links and content for new rankings.

Get information on how to rank better directly from Google’s own tools.

Spot hidden opportunities from Google Analytics.

Full audit (large site)

As per full (small site) audit…

Our most in-depth audit with over 40 checks and recommendations.

1 to 1 call with our specialist to explain the audit and answer any questions.

We work directly with your developers to provide guidance on resolving issues.

Expansive recommendations for technical, content and local SEO issues.

Additional e-commerce checks (where applicable)

Book a Discovery Call  to find out more

The easiest way to find out more is to book in a call with one of the team who can guide you.


What Others Say

Thanks so much for organising this seminar. It was so useful and gave us some focus to our next stage of digital marketing. Mike was a great presenter and made everything seem a bit more achievable and less jargony than my previous experiences.

Celise Galloway
Marketing Manager @ Exbury Gardens