Social Media Trends 2019

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Social Media Trends 2019


by Georgia

Trends are an important factor in social media, in order to be successful in your social media advertising and keep up with the trends you must first know them.

Here at The Marketing Collective we incorporate them in to our work so that we are always one step ahead of the game providing you and your business with the best results.

Here’s just some that we have noticed are on the rise this year…


The story feature across all platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube is being used 1 billion times a day!

The features that stories have available now on platforms such as Instagram can allow you to create huge amounts of engagements with your consumer. Not only this, but it offers you free consumer research and you can develop a huge insight into what your customer wants and their preferences from simple poll and question features.

Trends are finding that the less polished organic stories receive better results than the over edited ones which make too much of an advertising stance.

Rebuilding trust

As we’re sure you may already know, 2018 wasn’t the best year for social media with security issues and a question of trust. Specifically with Facebook and the use of our data, there were millions of fake robot account throughout Twitter and IG which saw a huge purge.

Therefore it’s safe to say that this year is all about rebuilding that trust. For this reason we think it’s important to show transparency and security within your social media and posting authentic organic content.

Building a narrative

Trends are showing that it is more beneficial to have a story and a brand message to portray across your platforms.

When using social media, it’s helpful to have a brand story and create a more personal touch with the consumer. You can do things like ‘meet the team’ showing the people that are involved in the service or product.

Sometimes asking your customers opinion or questions can spark discussion around your product and create high engagement without having to over advertise.

Quality and creativity over quantity

Sometimes posting very frequently can become too much for your audience and you may notice your followers starting to slip. Here at the marketing collective whilst we believe it is important to keep up with consistent posts, it’s essential that you find that right balance so that your customer isn’t being flooded with your posts.

While people may like your brand or product, we all know that seeing a company’s posts all the time can become over-bearing and make you switch off.

Therefore it’s vital to ensure you have quality organic content that is going to engage that consumer and post it consistently, for some brands this may be once a day or three times a week.

Quality over quantity certainly is the motto here.

Know your platforms

When it comes to the content you’re posting on your social media platforms, it’s no longer a simple task of posting all the same posts across your platforms.  Today’s consumers are savvy and have much higher expectations.

It’s important to look at how your audience differ between platforms and what your audience use that specific platform for. For example, 80% of Pinterest users are female and more than 50% are from the USA. Therefore you can see how a post on Pinterest may differ to a post on Facebook due to the audience.

Twitter is commonly used as a news broadcasting and informative platform, therefore it would be more beneficial to post ‘did you knows’ and informative factual posts, as opposed to Instagram which is more aesthetic.

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