Social Media Trends 2021!

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Social Media Trends 2021!

Do you keep track of the social media trends that may affect your business?

Not to worry, here at The Marketing Collective… we do that for you.

We understand the importance of predicting and analysing future trends, that’s why The Marketing Collective and our clients are always one-step ahead of the game. Therefore, the importance of researching trends here is not underestimated in the office!

Here’s our thoughts on what the key social media trends will be in 2021 and how you can get involved:

Interactive Content

This year definitely displayed the importance of interactive content But what is interactive content? These are the features within the social media platforms that encourage followers to interact. They can include the likes of, polls and quizzes, Instagram stories, 360-degree video and shoppable post.

Creative and interactive content such as showing behind the scenes, asking for opinions and preferences allows you to build a rapport with your audience. Remember, interesting content is the biggest reason a user will stay longer on your website.


60% of customers say that watching product videos before purchasing gives them a more clear picture about the product which makes them more confident about buying. When it comes to 2021 trends, video marketing will be the backbone of the digital marketers. Instagram’s recent algorithm gives more preferences to videos when they are ranking for the content, video content therefore, can provide a much higher return on investment for marketers!

Stats shows that Instagram videos can yield roughly 21.2% more customer interactions compared to images. YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world kind of speaks for this fact don’t you think?


Do you live stream with your business’ social media? It is a great way to connect with your audience instead of simply providing them with information about your brand. You can create a sense of community among clients to strengthen customer loyalty. It builds trust and your audience will get to know who they are buying from – and we know that people buy from people!

Live streaming is expected to make up 82% of the total internet traffic before the end of 2020. 


Can you become a source of information for your audience? Recent years have seen social media platforms replacing traditional news sources.

Studies found that users see news stories on social media before heading to the original news source to read, creating a 57% increase in traffic to news sites from social media!

Last but definitely not least.. Engagement!

Why is engagement so important? 

Your engagement shows that people are interested in your content. The particular feature which shows this well, is your comment section! Are people replying to your post and engaging with your account?

If they are, this suggests they’re interested in your product or service and are reading your content!

A tip to increase this is to ensure you are creating conversation, post about talking points and ask questions! 

We currently manage over 40 social media channels where we focus on engaging content that drives organic follower growth. Implementing the above has seen a considerable improvement in social reach across our clients – one of which is featured below.

Get in touch today if you would like to talk Social Media or if you think we could help drive your brand via your social channels.

Written by Georgia Millward, Social Media & Digital Marketing Executive

Results from a 2 week content campaign for client Hampshire’s Top Attractions