If it’s good to talk then why don’t we?

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If it’s good to talk then why don’t we?

Keys to success in sales

The keys to success in sales

By Claire, Business Development & Sales

I was driving to pick up my children from nursery the other day and beforehand, Jo, our MD and I had been brainstorming some punchy strap lines for a client’s new campaign. Twice I’d had light bulb moments and twice I had pulled over the car to send a chat message with my ideas. The third time this happened, I thought to myself: ‘I am now running late, the phone is synced to the car, why haven’t I just called?’

So I did.

In a world dominated by so many means of communication I asked myself – in my line of work, where have most of my successes been derived from?

The truth is – it is from talking. One of the factors to success in sales for our publications has been due to actually talking to people.

Picking up the phone in today’s screen-based world differentiates you from others. It gives us the chance to add value to ourselves, our services and our products. We become known. Conversations resonate and those small personal touches (remembering someone has been on holiday, that they have moved house or that they were simply having a bad day when you last spoke to them) makes all the difference. These small golden nuggets lead to developing and nurturing relationships. It is where the trust builds and you move a prospect through your ladder of loyalty – securing commitment and repeat sales, not just the one-offs.

Not only is a phone call the quickest way to qualify a lead, it provides a greater insight into your prospect’s needs which is is based on interaction. When you talk with a prospect or client you can listen for the buying signals which may otherwise be missed or you can answer a question with more detail and provide confidence, reassurance and certainty through our tone of voice.

Face to face meetings will always be the most successful form of sales. But in order to improve your chances of securing that opportunity we need to take the time to talk.

So ‘Is it good to talk’?  The answer is quite simply yes.

Here’s a challenge for you to improve your sales success

Exchange three of your emails or message ‘chats’ today for phone calls and just see where it leads you – it could be a deal maker.

If you would like assistance with your sales, we would love to have that conversation with you, so why not pick up the phone, and call us 023 80001655