The Marketing Collective support 10 Days Winchester

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The Marketing Collective support 10 Days Winchester

’10 days’ is a biennial contemporary art, poetry creative writing and performance festival happening in Winchester 7th October to the 10th November.

It brings a community of over 100 creative people together under one topic heading, this year it is CHALK. The Winchester area is rich in this geological matter and its applications are endless. Artists have been asked to submit ideas around their response to CHALK, and the Hampshire Cultural trust has thrown open its doors to creativity amongst its collections.

Pieces will be juxtaposed with historical artefacts at the Winchester Museum, or given its own space at the Winchester Discovery Centre. The Theatre Royal, Winchester School of Art,  and the Winchester Cathedral all have exhibitions and events during the 4 weeks that CHALK makes its mark on the city.

The Marketing Collective has been proud to support this creative event by designing postcards, posters, banners and online assets with the featured 10 days image by Sebastiane Hegarty. Our core business is Culture, Arts and Heritage and we hope that the event will provide a talking point for all kinds of audiences and tourists from inside and outside of Hampshire.

Many of the events are free so visit to find out more and plan a visit to this biennial event.