Top 5 Marketing Hacks for 2018!

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Top 5 Marketing Hacks for 2018!


We know that marketing your business can often be on the bottom of your to-do list. You don’t have time to market your company when you’re busy running it, right?!

Even as marketing specialists we can be guilty of this too…not with our clients of course! But making sure we are marketing ourselves as a business as well as providing that exact service for others.

It’s a time consuming part of running a successful business, but essential if you want it to grow. You’ve no doubt covered the basics; email marketing, social media, blogs (if not get in touch with us now!), but finding the time to maintain and build on these can be tricky!

As a helping hand we’ve put together 5 marketing hacks for you to try out in 2018, we hope they save you time and make your marketing more effective!

1) Link your accounts

There are so many social channels these days. Depending on your business will depend on which channels are most effective for you, and keeping on top of all of these can take up hours of your day! It’s important to have a presence and keep those channels up to date and current, but you could save a lot of time by syncing your accounts. It’s good to have new and fresh content across the board but to save time day to day use IFTTT to link your channels, so when you post to Instagram (for example) it will also share it on your Facebook page. Job done!

2) Write evergreen content and re-share

Writing a blog and articles for your website is a great way to boost your rankings in Google and a great way to share content with your customers. It’s good to have current events and the latest news, but it’s also worth writing some evergreen blogs – ones that don’t age! This way when you need something quick to share you can go back to your past blog posts and re-share. There’s always someone new to catch!

3) Schedule your social media

You probably don’t have time to do social media daily, but you want your channels to look used and active. Scheduling posts on Facebook couldn’t be easier, and with Twitter you can use something like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to plan and schedule posts far into the future. Why not block out an hour each week and schedule your social media for the week, then all you need to do is keep an eye on it so you can engage with your customers!

4) Check you’re targeting the most effective keywords

You could create loads of content, but if it’s not reaching your audience then it could be a waste of time. Using tools such as Google Keyword Planner can help you to recognise the most effective keywords and phrases so you know what people are looking for. Use the planner to help you find the most effective key phrases, so you can focus on the content that will work and not waste time on content that doesn’t.

5) Keep your phone updated!

You might wonder why this is a hack, but each phone update brings something new to the table and you could be one of the first to use it and be ahead of the game! For example, Instagram is constantly bringing out new ways to post, whether it’s a highlighted story or a quirky new feature. Stay current and stand out by using the latest updates!

If you’re still struggling to find the time to market your business talk to us.