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Find you in the Clubhouse

New social App to help find your voice

We recently had a discussion within the team about what the next social media/channel would be and what, we felt it would need to do in order to develop into one of the big players.

There has been the bitesize, word-focused platform of Twitter. When first launched it was more conversational and engaging but now, the shift is towards more news and media content. It’s the first place I go to for news particularly if a big event is taking place.

There’s the image-focused Instagram which draws on ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ where picture-perfect bloggers and influencers create FOMO-inducing content.

Most recently has been the emergence of viral video content with the likes of Tik Tok. Which was where all the cool kids started, but it was soon taken over by 40+ parents trying to be cool. (I and consider myself one of those!) Plus, Instagram’s version – Reels. It seems that every other post on Insta or Facebook is a video of someone making something, cooking something, pranking someone, or dancing somehow.

It feels a bit much at times with content overload. It’s not even information of any significance, value, or importance, yet you find yourself scrolling and scrolling.

However, now there is a new kid on the block and this relies on something different than the others – voice.

For those who enjoy podcasts and audible books, this new channel which describes itself as the ‘drop in audio chat’ is going to be something you want to dive into.

What is Clubhouse?

Launched last year it is still in beta stage and only available to iPhone users via the Apple Store.

It is like continuous live podcasts with people who have so much to offer. Imagine wanting to ask a question to a multi-million-pound business owner about how they overcome a particular problem, or perhaps ask advice from parents in similar situations – you literally can.

There’s no video and little chat messaging, it is all done via talking. It is a brilliant way to network, learn and build confidence. For some, the thought of presenting on a video is daunting to say the least, but over audio, where it is just your voice, the world is ready to listen.

Clubhouse is the new place to be, BUT, it is invite-only (although there is a way around!) so it feels super exclusive and even more like you shouldn’t be listening in on conversations. But you can!

What do you do in Clubhouse

You can join various Rooms where discussions are taking place. These vary across a range of interests which you can follow as themes. Within each room, you will find plenty of people talking. There are moderators who invite people onto the ‘stage’ when they want to talk. You are automatically always on mute, but if you want to talk, you raise your hand in a similar way to many video conferencing platforms, and then you get invited to the stage area where you can un-mute. There’s even a way to show your appreciation and agree by mute clapping!

It’s simple to create a room of your own and invite friends or even schedule events such as debates, conversations and information sharing.

I have already listened to some incredible conversations and heard advice and tips from 6 and 7 figure business owners who I would never normally come across. Listening to their experiences, journies and words of encouragement is what I think is going to make Clubhouse an important space in my growth and development.

There’s plenty of exploring to do and we’re looking at how we test some of our conversation content. It is going to be a strong platform for coaches, mentors and speakers. But, there will need to be a high level of pure conversation rather than sales pitches because it will turn people away.

We can also see how it can open up conversations for those who perhaps are isolated and struggling with mental health, particularly in the current lockdown situation where connections are desperately needed. Listening, debating and talking will certainly open up some opportunities for those who may otherwise struggle.

For now, it is exciting to be exploring and learning whilst we go!

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