What World Tourism Day means to us!

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What World Tourism Day means to us!

It’s World Tourism Day and as a destination marketing company we thought we’d share what World Tourism Day means to us!

The tourism market is huge and whether you’re travelling far or looking for things to do locally, there is so much to shout about we need more than just one day!

We are fortunate enough to work with some great tourist attractions and destinations in the work we do. As the marketing company for Hampshire’s Top Attractions we provide this group of attractions a focused outlet for promoting Hampshire as a destination and the fantastic attractions that you can find here! Using digital and print marketing we coordinate the group and work with them to increase Hampshire’s tourism.

For destination tourism our Hamble Valley brand is a great example of how we can promote a destination as a whole. Through digital marketing, including; social media; design, print and distribution of a destination brochure; and actual events including the Hamble Valley Festival of Food which has just enjoyed it’s 2nd successful year.

It’s not all about tourism down south either! We write content for Visit Liverpool, creating content to showcase this fantastic city and all it has to offer tailoring to the SEO needs of the Visit Liverpool website.

From digital marketing to print, we help our clients reach their tourism market with unique and relevant content. We work with Southampton Airport to produce their Breeze travel magazine, with destination and lifestyle pieces written and designed by our own team.

It’s not just our clients we aim to please. We have been successfully developing ideas and outlets to promote destinations for years. From the Southampton Guide and Visit Southsea, to Hampshire Gardens and our very own Kit and Kaboodle blog.

With all this and more it’s no wonder World Tourism Day means a lot to us!

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