What’s working in marketing right now?

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What’s working in marketing right now?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused about which marketing strategies to implement? Which tactics to use? Who to listen to? Wouldn’t you just like to know what’s working in marketing right now?

We get it, there is so much to consider, but here we are giving you a few BFOs (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious) that are really getting results for our clients that you most likely didn’t know existed. 

Let’s start with what’s not working in marketing…

  • BLOG CONTENT. It’s not enough to post a blog every now and then. If they are fully optimised blogs can drive organic traffic to your website, but you have to keep doing them or adopt a retargeting strategy. Not many people have time to sit and read long blog posts, so they need to be part of a wider content strategy. 
  • CONTENT CREATION. You need a content strategy and plan. You can’t just post when you remember and write when you feel like it. Consistency is paramount. You need content pillars in place.
  • INSTAGRAM is so much more than posting photos of your dinner, your cat or a sunset. For any business, it should be one of your main channels. You need to be consistent, you need a hashtag strategy and you must be engaging and working the algorithm. 
  • EMAIL BLASTS. We are inundated with emails at the moment. There is email etiquette and practises you should have in place. Email blasts without funnels, flows, and sequences are just a waste of your time! Spammy email marketing will never work – there’s too much competition!  
  • THE SCATTERGUN APPROACH. Jumping on board shiny new opportunities, not seeing them through, not giving them time, not being consistent. You’ll be wasting your time and your time is precious because you need to be building your business. 

All of these marketing tactics have a place, but if they aren’t part of a bigger plan they just won’t work.

So what is working in marketing right now?

  • CLARITY. You need to have real clarity on what you offer and what makes you stand out. What’s the purpose of your business and what unique experience do you offer your customers?
  • With our clients we help them build the foundations of their marketing, only when you build from the bottom up will you understand the who, what, why, and how, that helps your audience really understand why they want to buy from you. 
  • EMOTION. We are all influenced by our emotional triggers. You need to turn your unique selling points into emotional values and emotional meanings. Stop talking about features and find the emotional pull that’s going to connect your customers with what you do.
  • 80% of our decisions are based on emotion. If you can find your meaningful difference this is what is going to make you stand out. How do you want to leave your customers feeling? What problem are you solving for them?
  • Emotion + Solution = Your Marketing Message
  • CONNECTION. This is something we have all missed since lockdowns began and we are all in need of. If you can connect with your customers by being authentic, you’ll establish loyalty. Don’t hide the personality from your brand, tell people who you are and what your story is. 
  • Create brand stories and spark conversations, give them value. If you are just blasting out content and blasting out your news, no one will care, but if you can add value and build a rapport, you’ll build a valuable connection with your customers.
  • AUDIO. This is a massively underused strategy and one that many of you will be missing out on. We are talking about interactive audio in short form – live, not recorded because there is a drop off on recorded audio. 

We have found that this highly interactive conversational style audio marketing strategy creates more rapport than any other marketing channel because you’re engaging with your end-user. You can listen to them, you can ask them questions, and you can sell to them in a more subtle way. 

There you have it. This is what is working in marketing right now and if you’re not on the pulse you could be missing out.  Who would like to know what it is?

Want to learn more about implementing these marketing strategies? Book a free strategy call and we’ll share some more of what works!