Why you should outsource your marketing instead of getting a marketing coach!

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Why you should outsource your marketing instead of getting a marketing coach!

We know a marketing coach can be of real value. They can help you find clarity and direction in your marketing, and get you on the right track to achieving your business and life goals.

However, they can also overwhelm you! 

From an outside perspective it can be easy for someone to spot all the things you’re doing wrong or not doing at all within your marketing. A coach will have a structured approach, but when those ideas and plans of what you should be doing come flying at you- you’ll be looking for that sand to bury your head in!

As a business owner you’ll know what it’s like to work hard and feel passionate about something, that something being your business. You certainly can’t be called work-shy, but you’ve let your marketing slip and you’re lost. It’s OK, your strength is what your business offers, you can’t be expected to be a marketing guru as well, so looking for help with your marketing is the next step.

Naturally, a marketing coach sounds like the perfect solution. Someone who will tell you the error of your ways and all the things you need to do to fix it! Sounds good, yes? As we said above, we are not suggesting there’s no value in this, but for a busy person your to-do list is about to get a whole lot bigger!

You’ll come off your coaching call feeling pumped, inspired, invigorated, and ready for action! 

You’ll list out your tasks that you’ve told your coach you’ll have completed by the time they see you next, you’ll start your first task … oh, a client is calling … you’ve got that important meeting to attend … you need to brief your team … there’s a problem with a supplier … there’s only so many hours in the day … !

What seemed like the solution has just become another problem. 

The real solution? Outsource your marketing!

It’s simple really. 

You don’t have time to do your marketing while running your business, and you can’t afford to employ a full time marketing person with the experience you need to hit the ground running. Here’s where an experienced off-site marketing team will have you sighing with relief. 

You don’t need someone telling you all the things you should be doing, you need someone actioning all those things you should be doing! 

By outsourcing part or all of your marketing, you are giving yourself the gift of time, and you are putting your marketing into the hands of marketing professionals who are actually trained and skilled to do the job. 

Feel the weight lift off your shoulders and make the smart choice. Don’t spend thousands on someone who will make your list of things to do bigger, invest in a marketing team that can get the job done for you. 

Sound good? Let’s have a chat and see how we can help.