Work Experience by Milly

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Work Experience by Milly

Reflections on Week 1

I have really enjoyed the time I’ve had in my work experience placement so far. In my first week, I am already beginning to develop new skills and I have discovered and learned about new aspects of marketing.

At the beginning of the week, I built my skills in graphics and practised some hand lettering as well. Also, I have completed some data entry tasks and looked at types of clients, target audiences and what the team at The Marketing Collective do to help them. This week I have also done some work about social media; for example, I have done some digital styling and content planning for Hampshire Gardens Instagram. As a part of this I have been preparing the social media posts, including how to write and schedule them. At the end of this week I have also worked on building my confidence when talking to people on the phone.

Some of my favourite tasks, that I have enjoyed doing the most this week were activities like digital styling and graphics. I enjoyed these because like  to be creative and to work with different fonts in the graphics tasks and how I experimented with different angles and positioned props to create a colourful and engaging photograph when doing digital styling. I feel that I have achieved several things, but one thing that I am particularly pleased with is that I have built my confidence and spoken to new people, which I previously struggled with. My confidence is one of the things I had hoped to build whilst working with The Marketing Collective and I also aimed to overcome my uneasiness and go out of my comfort zone about speaking to new people. I have started to do this in the past week and hopefully my confidence will begin to grow further next week when I meet new people at meetings and events.